Master's degree in legal Spanish

Become an expert in legal Spanish in just over 5 months!

This master's degree is designed for students and professionals of law, translators, journalists... and for all those who, because of their work or simply because they are interested, want to deepen their knowledge in this field.
The master's degree consists of 80 hours of group classes (legal Spanish) and 10 hours of individual classes (each student is free to choose the content of each of these classes).
In order to guarantee a fully personalized training, the groups will consist of a minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 6.
All classes will be taught through Zoom.
It is necessary to have a B2 level of Spanish (a free level test will be given).
  • Module I - Introduction to Law (7 hours)
  • Module II - Criminal Law (8 hours)
  • Module III - Intellectual and Industrial Property Law (6 hours)
  • Module IV - Civil Law (13 hours)
  • Module V - Labor Law (8 hours)
  • Module VI - Administrative Law (7 hours)
  • Module VII - Tax Law (7 hours)
  • Module VIII - Private International Law (6 hours)
  • Module IX - Commercial Law (6 hours)
  • Module X - European Union (6 hours)
  • Module XI - Case studies (6 hours)
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