Intensive courses

If you want to improve your Spanish level in a short time while having fun, these are your courses.

🗣️ 100% oral classes
💻 Live online classes
⌚ 2-hour classes
📅 80-hour courses
👥 Homogeneous groups
📶 All levels (A1-C2)
📜 Diploma at the end of the course

Schedule flexibility

You will be able to combine your Spanish learning with your daily life. Choose between 2, 3, or 5 classes per week.

Dynamic 100% oral classes

We offer personalized classes with a maximum of 6 students per group. You will improve your Spanish level day by day, thanks to the continuous evaluation of our teachers.

Fast and demanding

Thanks to their speed and high demand for our method, these are the most popular courses.

Constant correction

We won’t let the mistake settle in your head. We will correct all your mistakes, and you will gain the confidence to speak up.

You will finally be able to communicate

No fear or embarrassment. You will be able to speak like a true native without grammatical or pronunciation errors.

Specialized teachers

Our teachers are specialized in teaching Spanish and are constantly training to teach the classes with our method.

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